URS provides high-end professional IT services—from network management, IT infrastructure design and implementation and software engineering to identity management and cloud computing technologies. Our expertise also encompasses integrated cyber security, communication, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems.

Through our early and ongoing involvement in emerging cloud computing technologies, we are a recognized leader in cloud services. We have pioneered multiple breakthroughs, which have enabled our clients to benefit from the improved efficiency, agility, and security of the cloud. while leveraging their investment in existing infrastructure.

URS was one of the first companies to deliver a certified and accredited security architecture and methodology for unifying and securing commercial cloud infrastructures that met stringent Department of Defense security standards. We have teamed with industry-leading cloud providers to deliver a full range of cloud services—from infrastructure and application to managed services—for both public and private sector clients.

For organizations that are transitioning to the cloud, we provide proven experience to support application transition from legacy data centers, and we develop effective solutions that allow our clients to accelerate development, unify environments, and extend security policy. Our expertise encompasses both single cloud and hybrid cloud solutions—using both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions within the same organization.

URS also supplies platform-level services to ensure a highly reliable, secure, and managed computing environment. This includes comprehensive 24-hour-a-day monitoring, change management, disaster recovery, capacity planning, and established processes and controls.

End-to-end enterprise security is critical, and our extensive cloud experience, combined with deep, military-level cyber security expertise, enables us to deliver state-of-the-art, highly secure cloud environments that provide maximum scalability, redundancy, and integration with legacy systems.

Representative Services:

  • IT Infrastructure Development and Application
  • Software Engineering
  • Network Management
  • Identity Management
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Military-level Cyber Security Services