Through our operations and maintenance expertise, we help clients protect their capital investments, while maintaining the peak efficiency of their operations. From complex military installations to technologically advanced industrial facilities, URS provides outsourced operations and maintenance services to public agencies and private sector companies worldwide.

As a major contractor to the U.S. federal government, we support the operations of large and complex military installations, warehouses, distribution centers, and other government facilities. For example, URS operates and maintains many of the systems, utilities, and equipment used at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. For the U.S. Army, we manage the operations large chemical agent disposal facilities across the United States. And, at military bases worldwide, we employ thousands of mechanics and technical specialists to repair, overhaul, and rebuild aircraft, wheeled and tracked vehicles, and above- and under-sea vessels.

Our extensive experience also encompasses the operation and maintenance of major transportation networks, such as highways , airports, commuter rail lines, and toll roads. We manage approximately 300 miles of toll roads throughout the United States alone, providing services ranging from asset management and on-call engineering to toll-collection operations and inspection services.

For private sector companies, URS operates and maintains a wide variety of oil and gas processing facilities, industrial and manufacturing plants, and mining operations. We also direct environmental and health and safety functions to ensure our clients comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

Representative Services

  • Management, Maintenance and Operation of Chemical Agent and Weapons Disposal Facilities
  • Development and Maintenance of High-Security Systems
  • Toll Road, Commuter Rail, and Airport Operations
  • Operation of Mines, and Metal and Mineral Processing Facilities
  • Staffing Services
  • Repair, Renovation, and Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Health and Safety Services