URS’ Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment expertise helps to protect critical infrastructure from physical, cyber security, and electromagnetic threats. Using established federal and international protection standards, our Certified Enterprise Risk Managers conduct comprehensive analyses of critical infrastructure, including power plants, transportation networks, water and wastewater systems, information technology and communications, federal and municipal facilities, and banking and finance technologies.

URS develops security measures to protect people, data, equipment, systems, facilities, and other assets from a wide variety of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. As part of our analyses, we examine a site’s design, emergency response readiness, staff training, access control, intrusion detection, and power and fire protection. We also address industrial control systems and information technology security to prevent intrusion, unauthorized access and use, modification, disruption, or destruction.

Many organizations understand the importance of cyber and physical security, but fail to address improperly configured radio frequency-based communication systems. A congested electromagnetic environment can adversely affect an organization’s information technology infrastructure. URS’ expertise helps our clients optimize existing radio frequency communication systems, while mitigating electromagnetic security risks.

Representative Services:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Security Analysis
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) CIP Consulting
  • Electromagnetic Environment Security Analysis
  • Cyber Security Analysis
  • Physical and Environment Security Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning, Evaluation, and Testing