Red River Army Depot

Maintenance & Logistics

Red River Army Depot

United States

URS has supplied labor services at required Certified Skill levels, to Red River Army Depot (RRAD) under various IDIQ contracts since 1995. As a partner with Red River Army Depot (RRAD), URS augments the existing Government Workforce in the RESET/Rebuild Program. Specific RESET/Rebuild requirements include: engineering and technical writing; engine and transmission rebuild; body welding and repair; paint/blast; vehicle transportation; dynamometer testing and inspection; and all other aspects of vehicle component and body repair.

URS has also provided, under other IDIQ contracts prior to 2010, on-site maintenance, modification and overhaul services to extend the service life for a variety of U.S. Army vehicles, including HMMWV Stingers and M-2 Bradley armored personnel carriers. Working with the Red River Army Depot (RRAD), URS has operated maintenance and repair facilities—each were capable of surging to 24/7 operation as needed—servicing such vehicles as the HMMWV, HEMTT, 939 series 5-ton trucks, the FMTV and a wide variety of vehicle trailers. The work ranged from vehicle modifications to RESET/RECAP overhauls.

URS support significantly contributed to RRAD receiving honors, including multiple Shingo awards since 2007 supporting the HMMWV and HEMTT. The Shingo Prize recognizes manufacturing excellence and is often called the “Nobel prize for manufacturing.”


  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Armor kitting for wheeled vehicles
  • Diagnosis and inspection
  • Dynamometer testing and inspection
  • Engine, transmission, and transfer case disassembly and assembly
  • Maintenance and repair training services
  • Paint blasting
  • Scheduled and unscheduled repair
  • Vehicle storage