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With more than 100 years of project experience, URS’ work in the planning, permitting, design, and construction of fossil fuel facilities mirrors the evolution of the power industry. Our expertise encompasses the breadth of gas, coal, and oil grades, the principal technologies used in commercial applications, and all of the major vendors of core equipment and supporting systems.

In natural gas, the dominant fuel choice of today’s market, we have installed more than 200 units, totaling 32,000 megawatts of simple cycle, combined cycle, cogeneration, and repowering capacity, and covering every model in demand. We also have a strong background in supercritical and subcritical coal plants and circulating fluidized bed plants, having engineered, designed, and/or constructed more than 300 units worldwide, with a total installed capacity in excess of 90,000 megawatts.

In plant performance and process, URS covers the life of a facility or a network, consulting on utility management, rate studies, valuation and depreciation, system planning, and the technology, integration, and efficiency issues of a plant’s prime movers and auxiliary equipment. We design and implement operating plant modifications and maintenance programs that keep power facilities efficient, reliable, and compliant.

Working in the highly regulated, and constantly changing, emissions control market, we have installed 40,000 megawatts of retrofit and new flue-gas desulfurization—more than any other contractor—52,000 MW of FGD upgrades, and 24,000 megawatts of retrofit and new selective catalytic reduction systems. For additional information about our air quality capabilities, click here.

Many of our fossil-fuel projects have been recognized for superior performance:

  • Combined Cycle Journal?three Best Practices Awards in 2013, Power magazine Top Plant of 2012, and Power Engineering magazine’s Best Gas-Fired Project of 2012 for Tennessee Valley Authority’s John Sevier Combined Cycle Plant in Tennessee.
  • Power magazine Top Plant of 2012 for the Clean Air Project at Public Service of New Hampshire’s Merrimack Station in New Hampshire.
  • Power Engineering magazine’s Best Coal-Fired Project of 2011 for the FGD retrofit at Southern Company’s Plant Miller in Alabama.
  • Power magazine Top Plant of 2010 for the FGD, baghouse,  ACI, and SO3 control project at Constellation Energy’s Brandon Shores in Maryland
  • Power magazine Top Plant of 2009 and an Environmental Business Journal Air Pollution Control Merit Award for the FGD project at Tennessee Valley Authority’s Bull Run Fossil Plant in Tennessee. Power magazine’s Power Plant of the Year in 2008 and Power Engineering magazine Best Coal-Fired Project of 2008 for Wisconsin Public Service’s Weston 4 in Wisconsin.
  • Power magazine Top Plant of 2008 (Block 1) and 2005 (Block 2) and Power Engineering magazine’s Best Gas-Fired Project in 2005 for We Energies’ Port Washington Generating Station in Wisconsin.
  • Power magazine Top Plant of 2007 for the Air Quality Control System Upgrade at We Energies’ Pleasant Prairie Power in Wisconsin.