URS is helping to meet the growing need for reliable electricity by providing design, construction, and maintenance services for power clients around the world. Our experience encompasses virtually every type of power generation facility—from coal-fired, gas-fired and nuclear power plants, to alternative and renewable energy projects—as well as the systems that deliver electricity. We also specialize in the development and installation of clean air technologies to reduce fossil fuel plant emissions.

Our experience includes the design and/or construction of more than 250,000 megawatts of electricity—equal to one-fourth of the current generating capacity in the United States, and more than any other contractor. Whether it’s greenfield construction, the retrofit or expansion of an existing plant, operations and maintenance, or decommissioning and closure of a facility no longer in use, our clients have come to rely on us as a single-source provider of services throughout the power industry.

URS-AECOM Combined Capabilities

URS and AECOM have joined together as one company. Find out more about AECOM’s Energy capabilities.