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URS offers public and private sector clients outstanding capabilities and services in virtually every facet of the water resources industry.  We have engineered hundreds of water, wastewater, flood control, and hydropower projects, and offer a full range of planning, design, construction, and program and construction management services across the water and wastewater industry.

The breadth of our professional resources is matched by few companies in the highly varied water industry. In addition to strong water and wastewater treatment capabilities, we offer specialized expertise in stormwater and watershed management, hydropower, flood control, water quality monitoring, environmental planning and permitting, and ecosystem restoration. We provide pipeline and pumping plant design services, surface and groundwater hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, brackish ground water desalination, and emergency-action planning.

URS is recognized worldwide for its design of new dams and reservoirs, upgrades to existing dams, design of hydropower and conventional tunneling, and micro-tunneling projects. Our dam projects have included earth and rockfill, concrete arch, conventional concrete gravity and roller-compacted concrete gravity dams, as well as hybrid dams. In addition, our proprietary instrumentation and data management system, known as DamSmart™, is used by large utilities and public agencies to assess the performance of dams.

Recent projects include an upgrade of Cosseys Dam—the third largest dam in Auckland, New Zealand. We currently are leading a joint venture serving as the construction contractor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s 2,700-foot-long Olmsted Dam on the Ohio River in Illinois—one of the busiest stretches of U.S. inland commercial navigation.