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From planning and design to specialty construction and facility management services, our expertise covers a broad range of building types, including airport terminals, educational, health care facilities, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, data centers, and state, local and federal government buildings. We provide the full suite of design and project management services, encompassing architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, technology and related engineering, as well as other design disciplines.

Our professionals use strategies that emphasize consensus building to address the interests of multiple stakeholders while creating highly functional, aesthetically appealing and energy-efficient designs. We are sensitive to the unique needs of each project, whether it’s managing the historic preservation project of a courthouse, conducting the seismic retrofit of a mixed-use commercial development, or designing a technologically advanced, sustainable public high school. URS-designed facilities provide lasting value to our clients, satisfying the present demands of facility users and operators and anticipating their future needs.

Airport Terminals & Hangars

Since 1941, URS has been continuously involved in the planning and design of hundreds of civil and military airports throughout the United States and around the world. We provide a full complement of airport terminal design services—from master planning and program definition through architectural and engineering design—as well as baggage, security, fueling, and communication services. Our assignments have included all types of aviation facilities, from small general aviation airports to large-hub international airports.

Colleges & Universities

From the design of labs, classrooms, libraries, and residence halls to the engineering of telecommunications networks and power plants, we have tackled some of the most complex assignments in higher education. URS works collaboratively with clients to ensure that each project meets the highest expectations of faculty and students and helps the institution maintain its reputation for excellence in instruction and research.

Corporate & Retail

URS’ design experts create dynamic corporate and retail environments that extend our clients’ brand image. We design corporate headquarters, as well as manage and design national retail roll-out or upgrades. Corporations and retailers interpret meaningful design differently, but both must make a sincere connection with their customers. We utilize design as the strategic tool to make that connection.

Data Centers/Mission Critical Facilities

URS is a leading provider of engineering, construction, and technical services for data centers and mission-critical facilities. We are particularly experienced in promoting sustainable and workable solutions to ensure lifelong energy efficiency and cost-effective maintenance. Our integrated multi-disciplinary approach significantly reduces the management time required for data center owners and operators over the lifetime of the facility, and with our leading-edge advice, companies lower energy consumption and costs during construction, operation, and maintenance.

Government/Public Use

URS offers government clients a unique depth of project experience and professional and technical resources. From military master planning and design through post-occupancy evaluations, URS’s full-service capabilities assure high quality on every project. Our architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, and technical specialists are known for delivering the highest quality professional services, often under critical time and budget constraints.

URS’ staff has extensive experience in the management of multi-task assignments and the planning, design, and construction of military and government facilities. Whether it’s designing new facilities or updating existing ones, our teams understand the special requirements of federal clients. We design the full range of government building types, and our designs fulfill government imperatives for sustainability, anti-terrorism/force protection, and other special design criteria. We also help federal, state, and local government program managers serve as successful stewards of taxpayer resources.


Our healthcare projects are designed to facilitate the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of illness—while at the same time creating an environment that is responsive to patients who may be experiencing the joy of a newborn, concern over a diagnostic procedure, or the fear of a serious condition. Meeting this apparent dichotomy of purposes is what makes the URS approach of “healing environments” particularly effective.

Our goal is to improve the quality and delivery of patient care in the community by providing optimal healing environments that are operationally and aesthetically balanced and family-focused to support the healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

K-12 Education

From test scores and student safety to air quality and changing technology, today’s schools must meet an increasing array of demands. URS’ near-century of work with school districts—both large and small, and urban and suburban—allows us to supply our clients with a unique perspective that integrates the experience of the hundreds of other school districts we have served.

Our knowledge helps meet educational challenges by creating progressive places for learning designed around the needs of students, teachers, staff, and administration. Most importantly, we design schools that help prepare students for the future and support the growing needs of the community they serve.


Innovation, productivity, and flexibility are key ingredients to success in the constantly evolving world of manufacturing and distribution. URS professional planners, architects, engineers, and construction managers provide design concepts and expertise that maximize workflow, control operating expenses, and enhance clients’ innovation, productivity, and profitability.

Sports & Entertainment

URS’ broad range of project expertise in the sports and entertainment industries includes stadiums, arenas, performing arts centers, museums, and theme parks. We provide our sports and entertainment venue clients with unsurpassed service in program, project and construction management, quality and cost control, and construction supervision. Our staff is experienced in meeting the special technical challenges of these facilities, such as the installation of interactive media and exhibits, construction of retractable stadium roofs, and acoustical and line-of-sight requirements.

Sustainable Design

As a leading provider of sustainable and low energy design, URS has been ranked the Number 1 “Green” Design Firm by Engineering News-Record (ENR) for several consecutive years. We integrate our expertise in construction design and environmental sciences to help clients achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program (LEED) certification and meet Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment method (BREEAM) sustainable design standards.he present demands of facility users and operators and anticipating their future needs.