URS’ industrial clients represent a broad range of industries, including automotive, chemical, consumer products, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and mining. Over the past several years, in order to control overhead costs, many of these companies have reduced the number of service providers they use, selecting larger, global multi-service contractors, like URS.

We help clients meet their operational and environmental challenges by providing services throughout every phase of the project life cycle, including front-end studies; environmental management; engineering and process design; procurement, construction and construction management; facility management and maintenance; and closure. We partner with industry clients to help increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

URS maintains long-term preferred provider relationships, Master Services Agreements, and strategic alliances with the world’s leading industrial and commercial companies. We offer our clients comprehensive environmental management and compliance services that address their environmental issues by reducing emissions and minimizing waste, identifying and managing the cleanup of contaminated soils and groundwater, and providing health and safety training for industrial employees. And, we are experienced in developing and operating mines, including mineral processing and metal refining facilities.

URS also provides strategic advice on energy management and regulatory issues, and we offer outsourced facility management and industrial maintenance services to our clients. We have built automobile assembly plants, planned and designed laboratories, as well as research and development facilities for pharmaceutical companies.